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Rand Momentum


As a cycling enthusiast or certified mechanic we’re sure you are looking for the next generation lubricant that can provide; a quieter ride, additional miles, a chain that stays wet and a smoother, faster cadence?

RAND Momentum™ is the first ever “eco-friendly” All-In-One; Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant…it truly is a “Game Changer”.

Using a nanotechnology platform our nanoparticles act as an amazing cleaning agent, lubricator and protector against the elements, salt, dirt, wear, moisture, rust and extreme heat and cold. 

RAND Momentum™ enhances cycling performance and reliability using a rare vegetable oil base and a proprietary blend of nanoparticles to create a uniquely smooth and durable surface. With the lowest coefficient of friction available (lab and field tested), we provide ultra-effective lubrication keeping metal parts on any bicycle moving smoothly and operating effectively. 

The Powers of RAND Momentum

• Green/Non-Toxic
• Cleans and Lubricates
• Displaces water, salt and dirt
• Prevents and removes generations of oxidation and rust
• Prolongs component life while reducing friction
• Nano participles will penetrate and release seized parts
• Also great on cables, spokes, derailleur and brake pivots
• Operates well under extreme weather condition
• Reconditions the metal while you ride
• Odorless, can be handled without gloves

The first time you use RAND MOMENTUM, it’s really good. 

The second time it’s great!!

The third time you will be asking, “What’s in this stuff, I can’t believe how well my bicycle is performing.”

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